Really neat unofficial Commander Keen 7 and 8!

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Really neat unofficial Commander Keen 7 and 8!

Postby Mitsukara » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:58 pm

Hello. So, on a whim last night, I decided to try to make a "Let's Play" video series on this totally rad mod / fan-made sequel of Commander Keen. I have mixed feelings about doing such a thing because I don't like my voice, but I figured it might be a healthy experiment in braving up about using my voice and stuff, and that it might be a fun project, so if you're interested in that kind of thing, here's the video playlist: ... DA7845AE7A

The games themselves are really pretty good. Keys of Krodacia is honestly a little less interesting than the second one as it's pretty obvious what's hacked from the original Keen 4, but honestly it's still lots of fun and a lot of work was put into it, with all new graphics and music and level designs and a plot. The second one looks even better, and the third is currently in development. Since id Software promised "The Universe is Toast" Keen game that never got made, it's pretty satisfying and neat to see it sort of happen all these years later. ^.^

Commander Keen 7: The Keys of Krodacia
Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert!
Hello! ^^
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Re: Really neat unofficial Commander Keen 7 and 8!

Postby Ashes » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:15 pm

I like your voice!

This looks neat. I never played any Commander Keen games, but I will watch these.
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Re: Really neat unofficial Commander Keen 7 and 8!

Postby Plasman » Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:50 am

YAY! Commander Keen! Awesomeness! 8) The Dopefish lives!
I thought it was sad that they stopped making these games, but hey, everyone thought 3D shooters would be the next big thing back then. ...Oh, wait, they were. :?

Yes, I remember all the candy/soda/junk food collectibles! Didn't the original game use a thinly-disguised can of Pepsi as one of the items? :wink: I think Duke Nukem used Coke cans too. Makes you wonder what all this food is doing lying around in the first place! It's probably scattered remains of the Great Vending Machine War of 1999...

Your voice is fine :D ... but everyone thinks that their voice sounds funny when they have it played back.
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By the way I made two level packs for Boppin' in case anyone is interested... :oops:
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