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Jelly Tile Game Expansion!

Postby Masterweaver » Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:24 pm

I'm sure you all remember this image.
This one. Right here.
Well, actually, you don't. I made a couple--Literally two, mind you--modifications. See, I glanced over the rules, and I realized something: It was a great concept. The only problem?


Well, I hope to rectify the situation. And, as evidence, I present you with the Crystal Hegemony Expansion--Set 1.2, as I like to call it.
Well, a link, anyway.
Various tiles are marked with a crystal, in respect to the Crystal Rules. The Crystal Rules are as follows:
--Impetus tiles marked with a crystal can only activate crystal tiles--and some, only specific crystal tiles.
--Location tiles marked with a crystal are subject to any tile that affects crystal tiles (i.e. the Shattershell).
--Hero, Danger, and Personage crystal tiles will always augment adjacent hero/danger/personage tiles. If two crystal zealots are adjacent, then they will each have an effective power of 4 (2+2). If three crystal zealots are in a row, the outer two will have a power of 4 (2+2) and the inner zealot will have a power of 6 (2+2+2). It does not matter what type of tile the adjacent is; if it's crystal, it will augment the power of its crystal neighbors.

And now for the individual tile descriptions!
CRYSTAL TOWER: Crystal Location Tile, +4 to adjacent crystal tiles. The Crystal Tower, located on a fragment of a worldplate, floats dangerously close to stormfall. It is from this location the Crystal Hegemony launches its assaults on Red life.
THE INTAN: Crystal Location Tile, +2 to adjacent crystal danger tiles. The Intan is the vessel responsible for transporting Zealots to Red-infested worldplates. Its shadow has preceded numerous slaughters.
THE GEMMA: Crystal Location Tile, +2 to adjacent crystal hero tiles. The Crystal Rebels have created a lesser version of the Intan. Dubbed the Gemma, it floats near the worldplate of their red allies.
SHATTERSHELL: Crystal Personage Tile, Power 0. Automatically defeats all adjacent crystal tiles when activated. Developed by the Crystal Rebels, the shattershell resonates at a lethal frequency to crystal organisms. The rebels handed it to their Red allies for fear of killing themselves with it.
ZEALOT: Crystal Danger Tile, Power 2. The primary soldiers of the Crystal Hegemony, Crystal Zealots consider all Red Life to be an invasion of their world, and accordingly try to exterminate them all.
REBEL: Crystal Hero Tile, Power 2. Of the same stock as Zealots, Crystal Rebels feel that Azar is a tyrant and that he must be stopped. They wear red bandanas around their neck in defiance of his plan to exterminate Red life.
RESONATOR: Crystal Personage Tile, Power equal to sum of all adjacent crystal tiles. This is to say that if a Resonator was between two Zealots, it would be power 4 (2+2) and each Zealot would effectively be power 6 (2+4). Resonators were developed by Azar to take advantage of the natural energy flow that crystal creatures share.
BRITTLE: Crystal Personage Tile, Power 1. Instead of attacking adjacent tiles when activated, the Brittle attacks tiles two spaces away. Thus, a Brittle would not attack a Zealot next to it, but the Rebel on the other side of the Zealot, or next to the Zealot. While physically very fragile, Brittles are capable of lancing energy from great distances. Azar finds this to be an advantage.
AZAR: Crystal Danger Tile, Power 4. The leader of the Crystal Hegemony, Azar is a tyrant who does not tolerate dissonance and seeks to purge Red life from his universe. He is personally responsible for the creation of the Intan, the Zealots, the Rebels, the Brittles, and the Resonators. Azar resides in Crystal Tower, but emerges to fight Red foes.
FREEDOM: Impetus Tile. Activates crystal hero tiles. "No longer would they follow blindly; no, they took command of their own destiny."
RED SCENT: Impetus Tile. Activates crystal danger tiles. "Red flesh. The stench of it hit his olfactory panes, and he hissed in disgust."
ENERGY CHARGE: Impetus Tile. Activates crystal tiles. "A bolt from above hit him, bringing him new life and the power to fight on..."
SUPERIORITY: Impetus Tile. Activates danger tiles. "We are longer lived, we are greater in power, and we are far more intelligent. You are beneath us."
HOPE: Impetus Tile. Activates any tiles. "Then, in her deepest despair, she saw a glimmer of sun... an entrance to the cave appeared, beckoning."
ALERT: Impetus Tile. Activates hero tiles. "Vigilance, it is said, is rewarded. So she stood there all night... and caught a glint of her foes approaching."
ATROCITY: Impetus Tile. Activates personage tiles. "Some actions are so simply horrible that even those who would normal stand aside are moved to wrath. They were babies... babies..."

Yes, I know none of that happened in any of the comics. So? IT'S A GAME. HAVE FUN. Don't complain about semantics.
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