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Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 5:36 pm
by Wizard CaT

Why aren't you playing it yet? Honestly the game is innately compared to Minecraft, but most people say they can't really be compared to each other (never played Minecraft). The game was made by 2 people and amazingly sold 200,000 units already at $9.99 on Steam. It's been #1 on sales & current playing for awhile now. Kind of crazy!

Re: Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:45 pm
by TurtleFlower
I would SO play Terraria with you Wizard Cat if I had the cash money blingbling to afford even $9.99 right now... but I'm way more interested in this than Minecraft. Granted, that might be because everyone's been foaming at the mouth over Minecraft for so long that I'm really just sick of hearing about it. (I'd probably think about it differently if I played it multiplayer or what not but I really can't justify the cash for an essentially unfinished game with finances as they are now.)

I heard that the Super Minecraft mod actually added in something to do in game after you've finished your obsidian lava eyed volcano fortress in the sky, but it appears to have since been broken by previous updates to the base program... sad.

Re: Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:19 am
by Wic
Hmm... Clonk/Minecraft/Soldatz mixbreed? Looks fun albeit a bit too hectic to my tastes.

Re: Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:07 am
by TurtleFlower
Nah it's not too frantic for the most part, generally it comes down to mining, crafting and everything else is somewhat tangential. There are just some fun extra goals to attain while you're making your manor house of solid gold. It's more like a side scrolling Zelda game where you have the ability to utterly destroy your environment and remake it in your own image.

Re: Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:02 pm
by Mitsukara
I realize it's slightly off-topic, but regarding Terraria's creator (I haven't played... I can afford neither the money nor the time investment given that, besides important stuff, I already have other recreational things I want to do), I'm still sad Super Mario Bros. X got shot down by Nintendo. I realize it lives on as sort of a pirate thing, but still, that's less than ideal; SMBX was truly awesome.

(for those unfamiliar with it, Redigit made a freeware game that cloned various physics and elements from SMB1-3, World, and a few tiny bits from New Super Mario Bros. You could use it to make your own Super Mario World/Super Mario Advance 4/SMB1 type games, or play the ones people already made. Alas, Nintendo did not approve since it was too close to New Super Mario Bros Wii... well, that, and they still want you to pay $5 for SMB1 on Virtual Console. Blurgh. I mean, I like Nintendo and all, they make great stuff, but it's a disappointing move on their part, is all; I mean, the game had a startup screen that was all like "If you like this game, please go buy a Wii and support Nintendo!" for like 30 seconds that you had to stare at every time you started it...)

Mysteriously enough, Zelda Classic (also freeware) lives on (without legal conflict that is). Maybe the new Zelda games are too different for a Zelda 1 clone with LTTP/LA elements to be competition, or maybe it's that it's been around for 10 years so there's already a precedent for it and they'd rather not go back on it after all this time.

But to be more on topic, yeah, I don't have money or time for Minecraft or Terraria... back to watching old Sailor Moon episodes (I'm watching the series through! I've never seen most of it) and drawing and writing for me :) Well, and playing Dragon Quest IX and stuff that I already have.

Re: Minecraft? Thats so like 2009. Terraria!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:55 pm
by Alfador
I bought Minecraft a while back and recently got Terraria as a gift. It's awesome!