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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:44 pm
by Ping
Hello! I am Ping!
I'm not particularly a forum going person. But I loved Unicorn Jelly. To this day it's my favorite comic ever, and the first webcomic I ever read. It's just so beautiful, I haven't since found any comics that were anywhere near as touching and beautiful. I remember the comic updates being the highlight of my day. I would sometimes come onto the forums to lurk, but not very often. Uhm, Anyway!

I know some of you liked Terraria and Minecraft (and I remember Jenny making a really nice Minecraft texture pack) and such games, so I wondered if you guys were aware of this game, but I saw no threads, so I wanted to share.

This game is called Starbound, it's being called "Terraria in space", which isn't TOTALLY off the mark; one of the developers/sprite artist (I think he was a sprite artist too, I can't recall) went on to start working on this game, it does look a little similar, but in my opinion at least, much better.

This game is basically all about exploration and such. You can travel in your space ship from planet to planet. There's many many types of planets; each planet is 100% random, the biome on that planet, the monsters, the difficulty level, the size, gravity, temperature, etc, is all randomized. There are desert planets, crystal planets (oh I got so excited when I saw a picture of this, I am so going to gather crystals and spread them on a desert planet!), jungle planets, etc etc. There'll be asteroids and moons to explore too. There'll be cool stuff on the bottom of oceans apparently. Deep sea shiz!

You can of course build and destroy land and such as you please like in Terraria, though in Starbound building is done with what looks to be a gravity gun type thing, the same kind of gun is used to paint stuff. Like Terraria it can run on weaker computers, too.

There's just so much. You can capture and tame monsters you meet on planets and have them fight with you, you can invite NPCs you meet to live with you, in multiplayer servers moderators can "possess" an NPC and talk through it, the sound track and graphics are gorgeous, monsters are randomized heavily (they have a system that "meshes" monster parts together randomly and it actually looks really nice), some quests, dungeons, etc. You'll be able to find and dig up fossils and possibly even revive giant extinct critters. There'll apparently be an option to terraform and control the weather on planets.

There's more customization in this game too. There are 7 playable races. There's Avians, which are just a bird like race. Florans, the cannibalistic plant people. The Glitch, a medievel type robot race. The Hyolti, an Asian style aquatic race. Humans, of course. The Apex, an ape like race. And finally, the newest to be revealed, The Novakids; a race of uhm..I don't know. They're some sort of race made of gas or solar energy or something, in humanoid form. They're cool looking though, they're western style.

I'm pretty hyped. Unfortunately, it's not out yet.
They intend to release this year, though. So far, pre-orders are out, and *rumors* have been flying around that there'll be a beta towards the end of May but I don't know if there is any truth to that.

Some (re-sized) pictures;
(^Novakid concept art, I just love 'em!)

...Anyway I just wanted to share! I figured it might up you guys' alley.:)
I first found out about this a few months ago, and my first thought was this forum. I'm just that kind of weirdo.

Re: Starbound

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:44 am
by Alfador
Also, one of the perks you can get for preordering is the soundtrack. And it is wonderful! How do I know this you ask? I preordered that tier. >:3

Re: Starbound

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 5:24 pm
by RaharuAharu
I am very much looking forward to this game.