Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

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Re: Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Wic » Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:26 pm

I just watched the movie, finally. I had been savoring the moment.

I liked it. It was actually better without the giant squid; I always thought it spoiled the whole comic that was supposed to be about superheroes in realistic world. That, and giant squid just screams of 'tentacle rape'. Dr. Manhattan taking the squid's place made more sense and made the character a bit more than just a literal deux ex machina.

Still though, I'd have rather seen Ozymandias in golden armor.
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Re: Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Anna » Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:44 pm

I want to wait a few weeks before I watch the Watchmen, but the movie on DVD will only be the european theatrical version in Europe.
The american audience will have the much longer directors cut.
Usually the DVD Producers are so eager to publish a lot of versions of one movie, so that I wouldn''t wonder if there would be a "cleaning lady's cut".
As it nearly was with "The Lord Of The Rings". I can't count the different versions, boxes, directors cut, theatrical cut, with and without figures, complete boxes or not so complete.
And there was a possibility that Warner would sell the rights for a budget version DVD, and guess who had nearly made the cover...
But this one company, (not the one I usually work for), did also want to pay a low budget price for artwork, no - thanks, I need money, but I don't prostitute myself.

Back to the Watchmen...
This time Warner don't want to make money, and Europe is next to the USA the biggest market for films/movies.
I really think about it if I should buy an USA DVD. (with shipping probably the doubled price) (Region Code 1 is no problem for me)
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Re: Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby macksting » Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:46 am

One of those changes which bothered me was done both for brevity and to compensate for the shorter form.
They made Manhatten approachable.

Osterman and Manhatten both have the same problem, and that's mind-numbing determinism. So his mindset is as described in the film, roughly, except! He talks about it. In the comic, he only would talk about his worldview, wherein he can see the past and future and it's unchanging and he's stuck playing his role in it, at the end of his relationships. When things got rocky with Slater, he'd go on about the inevitability of events within it. Same with Jespe... je... Julie, and with a few other situations. It was often a final, killer stress on the relationship after it was souring.
In order to make this change work, they also took out Julie's barfing problem.
When Manhatten would teleport Julie in the comic, she'd inevitably throw up. This gave her at least 10 seconds to be totally self-absorbed, and it fit with making her character self-absorbed. We learned a lot about her because she wouldn't shut up. :) So they took out the barfing problem, referencing it only once, and allowed her to be totally aware of her surroundings every time she came out of a teleport. This allowed the movie to go on quicker; it allowed them to write Julie as less self-absorbed, since there was to my mind a thematic correspondence between teleport-nausea-induced misery and her general mood; and it allowed them to reduce the number of vomiting scenes in a 3-hour span.
Still, it meant that now Julie was absorbed in Manhatten, and instead of him being distant and dickish, he was pitiable and morose. He was treated accordingly in the film, that is, he was treated as pitiable instead of being the subject of worry, distress, and annoyance. It worked; it made the new ending even more amusing, in a way; but I found that change kinda frustrating.
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Re: Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby draque » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:00 pm

I'm eager to watch the extended version of the bluray to see if they've improved the movie at all. I really liked it the first time through in the theaters (with the exception of the musical queues, which I thought were just awful). I'm going to be waiting until December to pick it up, though. That's when they're releasing the "ultimate" edition which includes the extra animated sequence.
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Re: Your Mandatory Watchmen Thread (SPOILERS)

Postby Monthenor » Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:14 pm

Everything I've read about the extended edition says that the changes are natural and fill the movie more like the original book. And then the super-extended edition will put the Black Freighter in where it should be.
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