Another free software

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Another free software

Postby Anna » Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:02 am

There is a free 3D Software which, if I can read + understand english correct, should be able to create also PC games
"Creating INTERACTIVE 3d scenes and PC games"

A few days before it was about $159.-
Why it is now free?
I don't know
"For commercial and non-commercial purpose free..."

Well, go on try it
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Re: Another free software

Postby Volair » Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:16 pm

Downloading 'er now. I'll tell you what I think relative to Blender...


Downloaded and (tried to) run it. Results:

3drad is not a modeler, but a game engine. Okay, no problem. Blender already has one, but we'll see how this runs.

THE FILE SYSTEM IS A NIGHTMARE. Here's how it "works": To import a model, you use a command from the Object menu called "install skinmesh" which creates a folder in \3D Rad\3DRad_res\objects\SkinMesh\data\Filename containing associated files, but in order to show you a picture of the models they're offering, it only shows you \3D Rad\3DRad_res\objects\SkinMesh\data\index, a folder where thumbnails are generated and displayed. You then go to "add object" which shows you \3D Rad\3DRad_res\objects\index, which does NOT include your newly-created object, and navigating to that object throws an error, and you get the idea.

From playing with the demos, I'd say it's probably relatively easy to turn already-added files into gaming simulations of a few specific types, but the file system is so nauseating that I've given up on it before I got anywhere near that point. Conclusion, this doesn't give you a modeler that's easy to use, or indeed, a modeler at all, but it might give you a decent physics engine, assuming you can navigate the menu system without resorting to homicide. I think if you really want to make some 3D games, you should learn Blender for modeling, and then you'll already have a system you're used to for learning that physics engine.
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