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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:13 am
by Jennifer Diane Reitz
Politics gets people upset. Sometimes very upset.

Sometimes angry beyond all rational thought.

Before you participate in this section of the Forums, please understand these points:

>> 1. People think different things than you do -even if you imagine that you know them.

>> 2. Everyone is very sure of what they think is right and good, and will fight -hard- for that.

>> 3. When people fight for their truths, they get very rabid. They can sound insulting and angry -even when they aren't.

>> 4. Sometimes, in the heat of discussion, people will say really mean things. It's human. It can't be helped at times.

>> 5. Those that storm away from the UJ Forums have always done so because they got angry in a political discussion.

>> 6. In general, people only communicate 7% of themselves through text alone. Text cannot tell you what the person truly is like, or what they truly felt when they posted their message; you cannot see their face, hear their tone, or see their body language. Seven Percent. That's all you are getting.

>> 7. Remember always: it's just text. It's just text. It's just text.

If you play here, expect that hurt feelings are unavoidable. Accept that and let your anger go. It's just text.

Lastly: In a forum there is a win state, and a lose state: you win if you keep your calm, you lose if your anger bests you. Remember this.