The Falling Man

Postby Shivers » Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:07 pm

9/11 was one of the most pivotal events in world history. Its impact will be felt for years to come. You owe it to yourself to go beyond the sound bites and the simplified official story. This is an extremely complicated story with numerous players and motives. The 9/11 information doesn't all make sense or fit neatly together. It's a story full of espionage, deceit, and lies. But if there are forces out there tricking us, they can only succeed if we, the general public, remain ignorant and passive.

"The Falling Man" is a
Nickname given to a man who fell from the
World Trade Center
World_Trade_Center during the
September 11 attacks
September_11_attacks in New York City, and is also the title of a photograph, magazine story and documentary film about the incident. The photo was taken by Richard Drew at 9:41:15 a.m. on September 11, 2001. The story, written by Tom Junod, appeared in the September 2003 issue of Esquire magazine, and was later made into a film.
The subject of the image — whose identity remains unknown, although attempts have been made to identify him — was one of the people (dubbed "jumpers" by the press) trapped on the upper floors of the skyscraper that apparently chose to jump rather than die from the fire and
Smoke_inhalation . This picture is somewhat deceptive; it gives the impression the man is falling straight down. In reality, this is just one of a dozen photographs of his fall. In the other photos, it is evident that he is tumbling through the air out of control.
The photographer has noted that, in at least two cases, newspaper stories commenting on the image have attracted a barrage of criticism from readers who found the image disturbing.
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Re: The Falling Man

Postby marinschild » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:26 pm

Well Speak of The (Bad) Devil! I went to see Inglorious Basterds today and I heard a man behind me saying that he didn't watch Two and a Half Men anymore because of something Charlie Sheen said pertaining to conspiracies and cover ups over the incident of the terrorist attacks on the september of eleventh. I wanted to say something about the falling of the tower and how I'd read that aeroplane fuel couldn't incite flames hot enough to melt the steel girders and cause such a collapse. I didn't want to cause any sort of uproar before the movie, but I also felt bad about defending the possibility of some sort of domestic tampering. Maybe if Paranoia was by my side today, I would have raised my voice.

But what do I know? I'm not sure what to believe. Inglorious Basterds was great btw. Wonderful alternate historical fiction from Quentin Tarantino.
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Re: The Falling Man

Postby Idiot Glee » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:44 pm

First off: This rightfully goes in the politics forum, as 9/11 is a political topic.
Second: There is no good way to talk about 9/11 conspiracies, it gets too heated. Topics like this end badly.
Third: We're not talking about this, just not, move along...

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Re: The Falling Man

Postby Anna » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:35 pm

Ok, an artcle series about 9/11
BUT, it's in german!
You need an online translator.

Ok, I also don't discuss this matter here.
This link is only for the one who are interested enough, even for trying to read a german website.
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