Guard Held in Sexual Attack on Transgender Inmate

Postby Idiot Glee » Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:07 am ... f=nyregion

Guard Held in Sexual Attack on Transgender Inmate
Published: October 7, 2010

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A New York City correction officer was arrested and charged on Thursday with forcing a transgender inmate to engage in a sex act with him at a Manhattan jail.

The victim, a 23-year-old transgender woman, was an inmate in a male housing unit at the Manhattan Detention Complex near City Hall, where she was being held on a parole violation, when the attack took place in September 2009.

According to a suit filed against the city last month, the woman said the correction officer, Roberto Morales, 40, groped and sexually harassed her several times over the course of about a month.

Her lawyer, Ilann M. Maazel, said in an interview that the woman had undergone hormone therapy but had not had gender reassignment surgery. In one instance, the lawyer said, Officer Morales was escorting the woman from a clinic when he pushed her into a stairwell and forced himself on her. A rape kit found DNA implicating the officer in the attack, he said.

Officer Morales was charged with committing a criminal sexual act — a felony — and harassment and suspended from his job, where he earns about $74,000 a year, the city’s Department of Investigation said. A 13-year veteran of the Correction Department, he faces up to four years in prison himself if convicted of the felony charge. His lawyer could not be immediately reached for comment.

Mr. Maazel said his client’s case was representative of the daily harassment faced by transgender inmates.

According to a complaint filed in court, the victim had filed a grievance with the Correction Department about a month before the stairwell attack took place, complaining that Officer Morales had repeatedly harassed her.

In her suit against the city, the woman alleged that she was also assaulted earlier in the summer of 2009 when — as an inmate at Rikers Island — she was taken to the prison ward of a hospital for treatment. In that incident, a nurse forced her to perform oral sex on him in her hospital room, the suit contends. The nurse, Carl Wiley, later pleaded guilty to committing a criminal sexual act.

“This is just a case of complete and utter indifference to a transgender woman,” Mr. Maazel said. The woman is no longer in jail. The lawyer said the suit also objected to the Correction Department’s lack of a policy for placing transgender men and women. Officials with the correction department could not be reached.

I'm slightly happy that this is getting press and that the rapists are facing prosecution. But this is damned disturbing when you're that same age.

I'm gonna go drink some gin now, numb myself to this useless world. Just drop the damn atom bombs already and let it all die!
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Re: Guard Held in Sexual Attack on Transgender Inmate

Postby Coda » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:24 am

An acquaintance of mine over on another forum was recently in jail in Baltimore because it (it is neutrois and prefers to be called "it") was in the wrong place at the wrong time for something that shouldn't have been an arrestable offense in the first place. Its ID says female, its body is bio-male, and... well, I'll just link you over to its story in its own words. ... 113&t=4089
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Re: Guard Held in Sexual Attack on Transgender Inmate

Postby Plasman » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:41 am

Idiot Glee wrote:I'm gonna go drink some gin now, numb myself to this useless world. Just drop the damn atom bombs already and let it all die!

Now now, IG, not everyone in the world is as nasty as this. Just, um, a good percentage of the folks who happen to occupy positions of authority. Dammit.

Reading about this kind of stuff makes me very unhappy. i wish I could say it seemed like a U.S. thing, but prejudice seems to run just about everywhere these days. :(

On the other hand: "First they ignore you, laugh at you, then hate you..." ;]
If this last post seems ridiculous, please disregard it. Thank you. ;)
By the way I made two level packs for Boppin' in case anyone is interested... :oops:
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