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Postby RaharuAharu » Sun Dec 27, 2020 1:55 pm

I made it through the Trump nightmare, anyone else? urbs#6
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Re: End of an Error

Postby Cardboard Box » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:30 am

It's not over yet.

I've written on Quora about my perception of the Unglued States of Hysteria, and I am getting the impression that there is a very large percentage of the population that have never developed the power of emotional control beyond the toddler level. Nor have they developed any sort of internal identity. Instead they have an external identity, made of isolated opinions and possessions, which they defend with the sort of ferocity you see in very small children prior to a tantrum.

There's probably a great deal of overlap between that group; the Trumplodytes, who are a clear and present danger to both the Republican party and the US as a whole; and the far left Democrats. They know what they want because the shouty man on the TV told them so. And they know they're right because the rich man in the nice suit agrees with them and promises to give them everything they want. (I don't have to tell you that what one wants is not always what one needs.)

Already we've seen one act of domestic terrorism on Christmas Day. I suspect there will be a few more, thanks to the legions who swallowed Trump's lies with abandon, but somehow I feel that most of that sort don't have that level of commitment to their causes; they want the world to fold in the face of their threats.

(Yes, I know whites cannot be domestic terrorists in USA-land, but that's what the guy was.)

So I'm expecting more violent acts by members of the far right, emboldened by their persecution complex and the carelessly encouraged herd mentality of the Republican political elite. I expect more deliberate sabotage of efforts to repair the country's social, legal, economic and physical infrastructures. I expect the various divides in American society to get even worse, not better, thanks to neutered actions.

The USA doesn't have politics any more. It has war.

And the Democrats need to recognise this.

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