Rules and Rights of the Unicorn Jelly Forums

These are the official rules of the Unicorn Jelly Forum

Rules and Rights of the Unicorn Jelly Forums

Postby Jennifer Diane Reitz » Sat Jan 19, 2008 12:33 pm


Jennifer Diane Reitz is the owner and Moderator of the Unicorn Jelly Forums. These forums exist at her will, because of her work, for her pleasure. Guests here are present at her sufferance. Ultimately, as owner, her word is law. This is her home, and members are expected to be polite guests within it.

Jennifer may ban, block, erase, or eliminate access to any individual for any reason whatsoever, as is her right as owner of the forums. She may define the tone and conditions of any situation within the forums. She may decide and select the members of the forum, and set the rules of conduct as she desires.

In order to maintain the nature of the forums, Jennifer may take whatever action she deems necessary, and she may also permit chosen others to act as extensions of her will, if she desires.

This forum belongs to Jennifer Diane Reitz. Her word is law here. Any aspect of the rules below may be changed at her will.

The Constitution Of The Unicorn Jelly Forum:

Jennifer Diane Reitz, or her acting deputies, has the power to prune, eliminate, or edit content, or ban individuals on the forum if their content acts to deliberately perform the following Forum Violations, and guests of the forums may expect these rules to apply to them.

The List Of Forum Violations

Forum Violation 1 - The deliberate creation of disharmony/ trolling / flame war

This is defined as any arbitrary and deliberate attempt to invade the forums, attack the forums or forum members for the sole purpose of causing harm, unhappiness, social disharmony, anger, or emotional pain. This includes initiating flame wars, trolling to create conflict, and the willful destruction of the peace.

It is to be understood that the point of this forum is to create a positive and enjoyable environment for reasoned and rational discourse. This foundation comes before all else.

Forum Violation 2 - Hacking and destruction of the Forum

Deliberate hacking or damage to the forum itself will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever.

Forum Violation 3 - posting of images or content designed to harm the existence of the forum or the members of the forum

Materials which violate federal law or which would destroy the lives or livelihood of members of the forum, or which otherwise would lead to criminal proceedings against the forum, the members of the forum, or the owners and administrators of the forum will not be tolerated.

Forum Violation 4 - invasion by miscreants

Any mass invasion from another forum, board, organization, group, or association of the Unicorn Jelly forums by hostile and abusive individuals intent on the disruption of the peace and the elimination of goodwill will not be tolerated.

Forum Violation 5 - invalid promotion / spam

Invalid promotions or spam is defined as advertising or promotion of websites, materials or products irrelevant to the members of the forums, or which have been inserted into the forums by nonmember guests or noncontributing, nonmutual arbitrary members for the purpose of material gain or the creation of disharmony.

Forum Violation 6 - gross incivility

Blatant acts of bigotry, arbitrary hate, the promotion of irrational, narrow, and hateful belief systems, and the destruction of the public peace will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, religious zealotry, or any other form of social oppression is not allowed here.

The Rights Of The Unicorn Jelly Forum Members:

1. All forum members have the right of free speech and communication.

2. All forum members have the right of promotion of their own personal works and creations on the forum.

3. All forum members have the right to be treated with civility, kindness, and compassion.

4. All forum members have the right to disagree with anything whatsoever, so long as they remain civil and rational in doing so.

The Expectations For The Unicorn Jelly Forum Member:

It is expected that a Unicorn Jelly Forum member will, as much as possible, contribute to the community of the forum in a civil, compassionate, and above all rational manner. As a general rule of thumb, it is expected that the Unicorn Jelly forum member should act as though they were communicating with other forum members face to face, and not hidden by the anonymity of the internet. In short it is expected that they should act with social grace as best as one can, as if one were visiting the home of a respected individual.

That respected individual is specifically defined as Jennifer Diane Reitz.

Resolution of disagreement with the above document:

There is one option for remedy should anyone be unable to abide by the provisions of this document.

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