Re: Questions about game design.

Postby Anna » Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:07 am

Sorry for the interruption.
masstreble wrote:...Ahem, anyhow, I CAN 3d model, if you give me a way to download Blender and a couple of months to learn the different interface and brush up. ...

Learning Blender?
Video Tutorials.
...if you give me a way to download Blender...

You can't download??
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Re: Questions about game design.

Postby masstreble » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:24 pm

Eaaaauuuuugh I wanna talk to EVERYONE!!! :boggled:

Okay, let's start from the top and go down to the bottom.

Code: I guess you're right about VB, I guess I was just impatient. I didn't look back into programming until college, where I took an intro class in it, where we learned Java and just a tad of some flavor of C.

Flammifer: As an expert game-snapper, I believe what you say about collisions. In my experience, a lot of my legendary bug-finding antics involve abusing the detection of player to level, but those result in fantastic graphical errors, where it draws things like neverending pits of psychedelic snow and junk. Heh heh heh. Oh, also, simple math errors, like underflow and overflow stuff, those are sometimes easy to find and are so no-duh that no tester or programmer thinks to put a simple fix in for them. I remember back when I was a kid playing FF7, and I got the W-Item materia, and somebody was watching me play. I thought about what it did, and said, "hey watch this!" and I showed them how I could use it to give myself free items via a simple internal logic error. My step-brother was boggled and wondered how I knew it was there, and I was just like, "I BREAK GAMES FOR BREAKFAST."

My roommates hated to watch me play games. I always made household favorites seem painfully buggy. Heh heh heh.

Anna: Thanks, darling, I'll have to look at those later, though. See, right now my Internet situation is turbo-lame right now. I have my mighty desktop, running Fedora, but it only has a wireless and Ethernet card in a house that only sports dial-up. Now, I also have this iBook laptop, and it sports an internal 56k modem, as that's how I'm talking to you now. Also, I hit the library with it for hi-speed wi-fi. I can move things from machine to machine, but... well, you see how wonky it is, right? Really big packages can get confusing, so I avoid it. I'd rather use the repos directly when I move out and get my own really awesome connection.
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