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Postby Alfador » Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:02 am

Wizard CaT wrote:
SilverFeathers wrote:
Wizard CaT wrote:The Alien's on the first planet they were discovered (in movie order) were found in a crashed ship. The military (or the "Corporation") had the idea, which is why they sent a team out in the first place, with a evil android. Disregarding that, the Alien's have been used the humans for centuries. Well, technically the Predator's used humans as Alien growth propellant. And if anyone engineered them I'd figure it would be them. At least they seem to be very intimate, but then again I'm not that much of a hard core follower.

I did not know this! ALthough granted I've never been a big fan of Predator. I like the design of the species, but.... the movies never caught me. I've only seen the first three Aliens movies... and I don't remember the third fully beyond the last part.

I've seen the most adorable plush facehuggers and chestbursters... but still not as cute as plush Shoggoth.


Actually the Aliens you know are just the human type aliens. When put in other animals they look different. At the end of AvP, it was shown that 1 had gotten in a Predator, and when it popped out of it's dead body, the mouth looked like a Predator.

And didn't one of the movies have one pop out of a dog?
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Re: #333: Go

Postby Ashes » Sun Mar 22, 2009 2:01 pm

Alfador wrote:And didn't one of the movies have one pop out of a dog?

Yes. That was in Aliens.

There were all sorts of different xenomorph forms in the toy line. They had xenomorphs created from ever possibly interesting animal host they could think of. The one I remember most vividly was the bull-alien.

IIRC, the xenomorphs weren't created by the Predators. Used as the ultimate game animal for thousands of years, yeah, but not created by. I don't know who created the xenomorphs, and it might be an in-continuity mystery as well.
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Re: #333: Go

Postby Monocheres » Sun Mar 22, 2009 2:46 pm

Ashes wrote:
Alfador wrote:And didn't one of the movies have one pop out of a dog?

Yes. That was in Aliens.

Actually, that was Alien 3. And the resulting alien had dog-like characteristics. That's when I really started grokking the idea that the Alien species had to be some kind of biological weapon that adapts to its hosts by absorbing and incorporating their DNA. Hunting and killing victims a la the first movie was more than just about eating and growing ...
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