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Postby meatwhichdreams » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:55 pm

Anna - I can't speak for many of these other movies, but the edits done on Blade Runner were another matter entirely. The Director's Cut that was later released (and which is generally preferred by nerdlings, like me!) was actually how the film was originally intended by the director to be released. The one with Harrison Ford's gritty noir narration put over the top, the one with the unicorn dream cut out, the one with the sudden happily-ever-after ending stuck on -- that's the one the producers made them release for theaters. Because Americans are too stupid to handle a less than idealistic ending. Or so they said.

A very similar situation arose when the novel A Clockwork Orange came over here as well, although it seems almost opposite. Burgess' publisher scoffed at the ending, which he saw as too mushy, too happy happy idealistic. "C'mon!" he said, "Americans can take a brutal ending! RARR!" and he lopped off the final chapter. Burgess fought as hard as he could but only succeeded in restoring the proper structure some years later, after Kubrik made the film version without the real ending. Which leaves the story unfinished, unfulfilled, without a completed message, without ever leaving adolescence and LEARNING TO GROW UP FOR DOG'S SAKE DID YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT THE LAST CHAPTER FOR MORE THAN ONE MINUTE YOU STUPID EDITOR MAN?! AMERICA, MY DARLING, PERHAPS YOU DESERVE AN ETERNAL ADOLESCENCE RAAAAAAAARGH ~tears out hair~

...this is getting rather off topic, isn't it? :blush:
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