Place Ya Bets, People, Place Ya Beeets!

Kaye Haychold's ambitious plan

Place Ya Bets, People, Place Ya Beeets!

Postby Volair » Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:03 am

(I'm being purely facetious here, but I thought we could have some fun throwing odds around.)

Okay, first up we got the dead pool!

I got 1:10,000 odds against Virtue makin' it out alive!

Any takers? Big numbers? Hot action? MOVING ON!

Coming in on his being the Cute Kid, WaiWai is trading dead even 1:1 for survival!

I have 5:1 in favor of Vola surviving, owing to her appearance shortly after Kay and Pho's departure being possibly this Vola.

Pho's down to 1:10 against surviving, as is Kay, but interestingly enough we're seeing 1:1,000 against both of them surviving, on suspicions that the tragic end has to do with one or the other perishing, to be lamented by the other.

Next up, Existential Peril!

The Tryslmaistan Rain is heavily favored to continue at 5,000:1 in favor of survival, but it's still anybody's M-bag game here!

Got other ratios? Want to change mine?

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Re: Place Ya Bets, People, Place Ya Beeets!

Postby Mitsukara » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:15 am

Kaye kills Virtue! Take that, Snape and Soviet Russia, where Virtue kills Kaye!

Actually, Vola will escape Kaye's grip when the h-hold malfunctions and her arm goes rubbery-like. She and the others will make it back to the mover and believe that they have escaped Kaye, but on the way back Vola will step in crystal pigeongryph (a race that evolved by ascended times) spoor. She will go to the mover's restroom to attempt to clean her shoes, but unwittingly press a large red button that is in fact the ejector seat after the crew has subcosmerged; it lands her in a completely random splay that happens to be Pho's old home.

Kaye's h-hold breaks completely, but with pure strength she manuevers it anyway, and has an epic battle with Only. Only is direly wounded and tossed aside by Kaye with his inner gooiness drained, and the skull-capless Kaye trudges to the mover before they manage to subcosmerge because Pho and WaiWai are so confident they've escaped Kaye that they decide to stop and play video games for a bit; meanwhile Texto attempts to preserve his superhero identity from Chou, who is onto him. Oh, and Vola was very slow in her restroomial exploits.

Right after Waiwai and Pho finish their game and step back into the room, Kaye burts through the front door of the mover, shouting OH YEAHHHH! Then she does a roundhouse kick into Virtue's face before he can perform his transformation stock footage, leaving him sprawled on the ground with innards pouring out (he also bumps into Pho, knocking him over), and steals his gun. During the fight, Waiwai runs to the controls and subcosmerges the mover, but there they cross paths with their past selves! Meanwhile Waiwai sees that Pho has fallen and comes to help him up.

Kaye takes a moment to register this and is baffled before going "oh yeah... aw carp!" as Pho attempts to grab the gun, knowing he hasn't a chance trifling with her Chuck Norrisy powers.

But suddenly, the wounded Virtue is taken by the Krawlni and reformed into the Ktlikitkitkitklkalktlktiktakitkatklikalikatkikiklikitatikpterodactyltaktl, his former murderous bent becoming their hunger for worlds! Mwahahaha!

But Kaye is not fooled by Pho's maneuver because she saw it earlier, so she scootches back out of the way, causing Pho to flatface on the floor. She spins the pistol on her finger looking pleased with herself, then feels the top of her head, and asks if anyone's seen her bow. Sam Beckett leaps out of her.

As for Pho and WaiWai, they will evermore journey all across the land, informing everybody they find (one villiage ever, but that's okay because it's the only one that actually ever encounters it) about the dreaded gray petrifying rain that destroyed Pho's village when he returned too late to save them and they eroded away over time.


And in the epilogue, Chou decides to use her powers as an ascended being to create hentai of herself and dispense it in Mundis.

*clears throat, folds arms, looks around...*
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Re: Place Ya Bets, People, Place Ya Beeets!

Postby Anna » Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:30 pm

I think I've got the titles of the following strips:

TSH • 307
Another fine fracture

TSH • 308
Blind is dark

TSH • 309
Saw and cut off

TSH • 310
Hammer & Boing

TSH • 311

TSH • 312
Verdammt and Jawohl!

TSH • 313

TSH • 314

TSH • 315
First dead

TSH • 316
Third dead (second is unconfirmed)

TSH • 317
brain swirl

TSH • 318
Oops, I did it again - and I'm not sorry

TSH • 319
Last Aid

TSH • 320
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