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I need a new HTML editor! Advice?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:42 pm
by Jennifer Diane Reitz
One of my jobs this week, as part of setting up for doing Ika Takozushi, is to work to find a better HTML website-making tool than the one I have been using, which is 'Web Express'.

Web Express is out of print, and no longer supported. It's old and creaky and full of fail.

Above all else, I need this:

WYSIWYG interface ONLY - What You See Is What You Get. No typing commands at all. Point and click and paste.

It should also be as new as possible, Web Express is very old, and I need something built for modern operating systems.

Any suggestions would be very, very, very helpful!

Re: I need a new HTML editor! Advice?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:21 pm
by Coda
As WYSIWYG HTML editors are concerned... Dreamweaver's not bad... Unfortunately I have yet to find a WYSIWYG HTML editor that doesn't ultimately piss me off one way or another; I invariably just end up writing the HTML by hand. (Then again, I started learning HTML in 1994... Yes, you'll occasionally see some bad habits out of me thanks to that, like using br where I should be using p, but I think overall I've adapted to modern standards fairly well.)

That said, Dreamweaver's also kinda expensive, too. I honestly don't know what to recommend that's actually accessible with a fairly reasonable learning curve.

Of course, such tools aren't always necessary anymore -- if you know some basic formatting commands (even bbcode like the forums here!) there are plenty of content management systems out there that do the dirty work of maintaining the website itself for you and all you have to do is configure the styles and put in the content.

Re: I need a new HTML editor! Advice?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:14 pm
by arex
I like Komposer, which is part of the Mozilla Project. It's a bugfix of Nvu, which is the previous version. It's a bit out of date, and doesn't do XHTML quite right. However, it's free, and does a reasonable job. As long as you aren't getting completely crazy and cutting-edge with the design of the page, it'll do the trick.

Even though we use a content management system at work, I still use Komposer to generate the HTML for trickier formatting that I don't feel like doing by hand (big tables and such).

Coda's right, though...content management will make your day-to-day page-building really easy. There's quite a few free content management servers available, like ExpressionEngine and ModX. The downside of content management is the huge amount of setup you have to do'll need to balance THAT against how vital it is to make your daily webwork easy.