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Re: February Blues

Postby Wic » Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:34 pm

I raise this thread and myself from the grave just to reply to this. My apologies for not replying earlier, but I just read the five pages. It's not much to make anykind of "judgement" but anyway, here's my two cents:

Don't bash yourself over the art, Jenny. Shaky lines just show it's hand drawn like a painting, which is a welcomed change in this clean CG era. For the story, you're pretty much right. There is no spark in there, the story starts mid-way where a pig and a squid fights somewhere and everyone knows the hero's going to win... Despite the kamishibai feel, it feels like a boring action movie. No wonder you don't feel like finishing it.

My advice; scrap the story. Write a new one. Daydream about the squid and pig, the story will come there, in bits and pieces. Build the background as Plasman suggested; this was the driving force in UJ and the kamishibai is the perfect environment for it.

All in all... Don't worry, be happy!
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Re: February Blues

Postby meatwhichdreams » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:05 pm

I heartily concur with Wic. Don't do the story you think you should do, do the story that needs to be told. And only you can decide what that is!

We await your next creation, whatever it may be, with patient eagerness.

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