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Hello, it's nice to be here. I'm Zazozaliad, a forum addict and new Unicorn Jelly reader. I've gotten through everything but the epilogue so far...

Anyway, it's kinda funny, I've been using and joining forums for years but I still have no idea how to go about introducing myself. Uhm, let's see... my IRL name is Caitlin, and I'm enough of a grammar fanatic to slap myself for typing 'IRL.' I play a LOT of video games. And, uh... my favorite book is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress as written by the great Robert Heinlein. I think I've read it at least twenty times.

So, yeah, that's-a me!
BEFORE: Changing approach. The question was.. take arms out of the Yuxian design and give them telekinetic powers, or make a less retarded arm design?

NOW: Breakthrough in understanding of the Yuxian! Now I know A: why the Yuxian look like humanoid wraiths, B: why their society is heavily based on a human one, C: why humans let them live when Yuxian are such a threat, D: how Tuck is 'succeeding'... Yuxian are horrifically fragile.
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