how to set up new antivirus system .

Postby Lamnfambita » Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:40 am


I gonna buy new jnotebook and was thinking what antivirus software to buy?
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Re: how to set up new antivirus system .

Postby Jennifer Diane Reitz » Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:52 am

On my non-notebook rig, I use Clamwin, an open-source antivirus scanner which is well recommended by pretty much all reputable sources, as well as Spybot, also well recommended, which is supported by donations. Spybot is excellent in protecting against all forms of malware, keycheckers, trojans, and suchlike.

I also make great use of Adblock Plus which shuts off all the pop-ups, ads, scripts, and other risks when using the internet. Spybot also has some use in this area too; it adds protection to both internet explorer and Firefox in the form of 'immunization' to prevent scripts and executables. Adblock stops everything else, especially the advertisements.

All of this is backed by a firewall that my Stephen has set up, of course.

These tools are my primary set, and I scan everything that comes into my machine, always, and without exception.

I also regularly scan my machine itself.

These tools are all applicable to a laptop as well as a box, they are inexpensive -or free, supported by donations- and all have been reviewed and recommended by the various major sites. They have served me well for years and years, and are regularly updated and maintained.

Now my suggestions here are... thrifty... but it isn't like I am saying you shouldn't use the expensive commercial stuff - sure, if you want. But I have found these to work as well or better, and they have been very reliable, and, yes, free or cheap is really nice, I must say.

Those are my suggestions.

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