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Postby Matchre » Thu May 19, 2011 6:49 am

Hello there. A couple years back I quietly loomed around this forum under a different name I can barely recall, basking in the warm atmosphere and generally being less than contributory. I stumbled on Unicorn Jelly quite accidentally, during a time in which I was morose. The art delighted me - Why, I couldn't do in pages what was done here in tightly controlled dots! - and the storyline was confusing but had engaging character drama. To be poetic about it, it was a rip streaming sunlight through a grey canvas of lethargy. While I continue to be a bit isolated, I've managed to develop a tenuous social life in the form of Actually Speaking Up when I join social websites.

Cough. I'm being intensely personal, and this is just our first new thread together, forum! Let me back off a little. Give you some space.

...Basically, I came back here because of fond memories that I hope I'm not too late to relive, since I've now gained the confidence to be a participating forumgoer.
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