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Postby Jennifer Diane Reitz » Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:29 pm

First, welcome to the forums!

..! The Unicorn Jelly Forums were originally created to provide a meeting place to discuss the online comic, now completed graphic novel "Unicorn Jelly" by myself, Jennifer Diane Reitz. As my works increased, so did the scope of the forum. Now the forums not only discuss my works, but much else besides. Topics range across all manner of subjects. This is the second incarnation of the Unicorn Jelly Forums, the original forums are now an archive.

The archive of the original read-only forums is located at http://www.unicornjelly.com/oldforums/

The Unicorn Jelly Forum has a constitution and rules, which can be found at the bottom of the main page, in their own forum section. Deputy administrators are chosen from among the ranks of the regular forum members from time to time to help keep order. The quick understanding of the Unicorn Jelly Forums is that no topic or discussion is forbidden here - so long as it is carried out in a civil and polite manner.

The first rule of this forum is civility. This is designed to be a friendly, civil, intellectual, and ultimately humanistic forum, where bright people play with ideas and concepts in a friendly way. In short, the goal is nerd paradise. All are welcome here, so long as they are civil, and new forum members are warmly welcomed.
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What is not tolerated is intolerance, religious fanaticism, bigotry, sexism, spammers, trolls, griefers of all kinds, and general internet assholery. This does not mean that discussions cannot be spirited, or even occasionally go a little beyond the bounds. That's fine. It's just that this is not the place for mean or cruel antics.

Treat these forums as a nice eccentric house run by a nice eccentric lady who invites you in for exotic tea and cookies and very weird discussions, and pretty much things are golden.

If you are a new user, *('')* it would be friendly to post a greeting message to say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself, and what brought you here. This is not mandatory, it would just be nice. Avatars, if not selected from the pool available, must be within 100 X 100 pixel area, with a maximum of 10K in size. There is a humorous ranking system with a prize for the highest rank, should you attain it in an honest manner through legitimate posting.

There are no rules about how discussions may proceed, and there is no effort to keep anything on topic. Discussions range wildly and chaotically here, and beyond the rule of civility, nothing is particularly forbidden. Please feel free to enjoy the unique environment of the Unicorn Jelly Forums!

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