Rhetorical question, non-rhetorical compliment

Postby Insand » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:31 pm

I wonder how those who choose to walk THIS world awhile (becuz a Jelly or a doll has made them smile) can avoid a boring rehash and speak of what's been put to bed yet keep it fresh ?
I see that sometimes voices from the "net" post something brief - if for naught but to reflect a touch upon the heart - saying "See ? You gave, I got."
Strangers come along, scamper like kids among new toys, make some noise, then run off to play on someone elses lot.
Jennifers' generosity leaves visitors who stumble across gold free to plunder, wandering among gems in this cache of supposition, agog at universes torn asunder, battles between logic, superstition and Loves' magic.

Here's my two bits - I want more, as others must. As long as there's intolerance or wonder, the comics here won't rust. What's topical is not eternal, but what's fundamental about life can be supernal.
If, among the Fabulous, there's ordinary joys and pain, then THAT story has dominion over empty "super" fantasies of gain.
The stories here speak clearly of connectedness to living. By that they are sustained, and give reward to wanderers, who have but little for giving.

Thanks Jennifer, for laughter and tears and enchantment !
Hope you find a joyous new project.
In unity, survival !
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