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Professor Joan Roughgarden has spent decades studying a wide variety of animals, and has discovered that homosexuality is in fact naturally present in the vast majority of mammals. Far from a uniquely human evolutionary anomaly, or depraved abomination, homosexual/bisexual sex is a commonly selected for trait among highly social species.

My guess is that homosexuality is selected for when it helps the siblings and parents, who also carry the gene but unexpressed, reproduce and survive. Bisexuality is even easier to account for, especially when paired with polyamory, since a bi/poly monkey will have more monkeys dedicated to helping her and her children survive than a monkey with only one mate. See also, bonobos. Of course this isn't the only successful strategy, but who ever said a successful species could only implement one strategy?

I haven't read book. I heard about it when it was first published a couple years ago. I wanted to buy a copy just to slam it into an ignorant co-worker's face, but then I left that job and forgot about the book until stumbling across this article.


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