just for fun Part 2

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Late upon a work - in truth a corpus _ he had come.

In this corner of the land stood an edifice, colossal, a sum of tales told under distant stars, of falling suns made whole by crystal, tragedy and sand bound together by the heart and labor of a single hand.

Expansive enterprise unguarded ! Unhidden, in a landscape vast and littered, caught in Times' net was...what : a shrine, for pilgrims so inclined ; a monument to exploration ; the waypoint of a wondrous journey ; or simply an oasis of imagination ?

Official ceremonies seemed to have ceased, but the evidence said a grand procession had tracked the land from one horizon to the other.

He imagined the waving of pennants and crests, shouts and laughter at clowning and jest, and a rippling chorus of suspense in rythym with the visions that appeared.

"It wasn't all Light." a Villager said "There was blood and Darkness too."

At the edge of the site was a door in a wall and simple it was to imprint ones' presence for entry.

Within was a Courtyard. A few Villagers spoke among themselves, though he didn't venture close enough to hear or interact, but watched them standing amidst iconic sculptures bright with decorations still intact.

Beyond lay the Work, and a Choosing.
In unity, survival !
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