You must use an online translator

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You must use an online translator.
Here is an newspaper article, german about Turkey

The Google translator, and maybe you have to google the person herself. ... 35732.html
A Transexual goes into the politics in Turkey, and... for the AKP
AKP is the party which rules now in Turkey, religious, conservative.
In a muslim country.
I remember that Jennifer once wrote in a threat that she also did get mails from islamic countries, and that she didn't know what to answer.
Maybe this can help a little bit in the future.

The translation... german to english, so it's not perfect... !
Long existed transsexuality in public life in Turkey do not now even a transsexual is applying for a seat in parliament - and that's just the conservative AKP of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Almina Can it still can not quite grasp. "Today we can talk about everything," she says of her country. Her country is Turkey, where long time certain topics just could not be discussed publicly. Trans-sexuality was such a topic. But now advertises Can, a 34-year-old transsexual musician from the western Turkish Izmir, a seat in parliament. And it does not only publicly, without concealing their sexuality. She even a candidate for a list position in the religious-konsevativen ruling party AKP. The pious Muslims in the ACP they threw not on edge, as she imagined at the Election Commission in Izmir.

They treated the transsexual polite and courteous.

No wonder that Can is already smitten by her political adventures. Whether it is established by the ACP for one of the 550 parliamentary seats in the forthcoming election on 12 June are given, they will only know next week. But even now, the nomination has paid for them. "Finally there is democracy in my country," said Can our newspaper.

Of all the demonizing its opponents than by Islamist AKP leader and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has brought so far is, Can convinced. "Me and everyone else, he has the courage, we owe him thanks." For the Kurds and other minorities have done some Erdogan.

Erdogan's reform strategy, and set by him, changes in Turkey's EU application, it was also moved to the Can Apply to become a member of the AKP. Not only is the musician from Izmir it that way. When the AKP received almost 6,000 applications from candidates with the secularist opposition party CHP, there were nearly 4000 - it is a total of twenty times more candidates than the Parliament seats. The field of candidates is as colorful as ever. Not only transsexuals forced into the policy, even Christians, Kurds and headscarf women are among the candidates. They all have one thing in common: they are no longer afraid.

Politically, it had always been, Can said in our interview. "But because of my sexuality, I could not yet be active." That has changed. If on 12 June is actually elected to parliament, they will be there, but expressly not representative of transsexuals, "Where would we be if everyone would worry only about its own interests." Almina Can wants to draw as deputies to field against government waste.

It could transsexuals and homosexuals in Turkey parliamentary advocates use quite well. While there are some prominent transsexuals, such as the singer Bülent Ersoy, who was first as a star and a successful man has a sex-change woman in Turkey. But these are exceptions that are accepted in show business, in everyday life of the country.

Gay men are not from the Turkish army because of "mental disorder" accepted for military service. Family Minister Erdogan's Selma Aliye Kavaf described homosexuality as an illness recently. Just a few months, the authorities closed in northwestern Turkish city of Bursa the organization "Rainbow", who campaigned for the interests of sexual minorities.

The chairman of the Association in Bursa, Öykü Özen candidate, now also for parliamentary elections, and this at the CHP, the main opposition party of Turkey. Almina How Can the AKP also Özen in the CHP has been consulted and treated politely, what they impute to their party high. "It's not easy for them," Özen said on Turkish television on their party friends.

Like many other transsexuals in Turkey Özen an ordeal full of discrimination and hostility behind them. One of the conditions was accused of prostitution and torture of the members of its "rainbow" society. "As written it at his head," said the 39-year-old, who married after her sex change and Bursa works in a boutique. In Parliament, they will be used primarily for gay, prostitute and AIDS.

A total of 18 awards list places the CHP in Bursa, and next Monday will Özen know whether their name is on that list. Then the Turkish parties must submit their lists of candidates in the election director in Ankara. "When I set up, it's a miracle," she said. Even if her name just hopeless at the 18th List position should be, that would be revolutionary, by Özen. "And if I then selected yet, this is certainly a revolution."
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