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Hey, I'm not sure how many people hang out around here these days, but I drew something recently that got me thinking back to UJ's lively days. There was at least one thread (the one I'm thinking of was on the old forums) about preferred bodily forms, where various forum members described their own preferences at length, Jennifer discussing Aealacreatrananda (incidentally, an aside: apparently Jennifer has a deviantart page now? I only just heard of it in the course of looking up the proper spelling of the name... I'll have to investigate that after finishing this post) and so on.

I remember posting during that thread, though it was years ago now, and I think I was even still living in Texas. Pastel Defender Heliotrope and To Save Her were still running, the old forums were still around, and I was 17, I think; 23, now. I am still trying to get started on my own webcomic, although honestly I think the time has given me a chance to really go over my ideas in a lot more depth, and hopefully make them less flimsy and crappy.

So anyway, I drew what would be the current version in my head of the ideal form I started talking about back then, complete with a long explanation at the bottom. It is located here:

(I've been semi-regularly posting other artwork I do there, lots of practice drawings and concept bits for what I'm making. I've been planning so much that I strongly hope to have this comic actually started by the end of the year, and my Deviantart page is the best place to keep up with the progress on that, if anyone is interested. Beware though, I am a super slow turtle...)

I seem to have settled into maximum doll-like simplification as my preference overall, although I still like to experiment with crazier, more detailed stuff now and then.

So, for old time's sake if nothing else, but also because it's fun: does anyone else feel like rambling about their own form ideas?
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