I liked pastel

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I liked pastel

Post by Podkayne »

I just finished pastel. I liked it and it was weird to see the art change. But it was kind of hard to follow sometimes.

I'm still not sure what happened. I'm not sure what the ending meant. It didn't seem bad.

It just seemed strange.
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Re: I liked pastel

Post by Megumi »

Ummm... the ending meant: they finally had their picnic together and that it was a "happy ending" after all? ;]

->Well, seriously I guess the most important thing about art is not following the complete reasoning and philosophy about it, it's the feel you get with art, and how you perceive those feelings. Even if it's "weirdness" you perceive, it's ok too. So no problem about feeling a little lost about the ending here: perhaps it's exactly what it was supposed to be.... (of course, unless you feel really bothered about it, and want to discuss the possible meanings and messages that the PDH storyline could carry. If it's the case, just drop a line and I'll gladly try to discuss what perceptions and feelings Pasteldefender gave me)

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Re: I liked pastel

Post by Mitsukara »

The art went through many transformations, partially due to experimentality, and then also taking advantage of multiple styles to be expressive at different points. I rather like the effect (although I rather liked the more deformed early Dr. Aoi. He was pretty cute that way :dead:)

The ending was pretty awesome to me, because it really jumped up and did something I really cynically didn't expect. Not that I'd have been disappointed if it worked out anything like the direction I guessed it was going, but it was like, wow! That's awesome! I really, really liked it.

To delve into spoiler territory for those who haven't read, I also really, really liked the fact that the story commitally dove into actually assuring us that the main characters (to what extent one's left to wonder, really- who's to say they didn't actually go back and save every last person? I mean, Heliotrope was a superhero, right?) got to live such an open-ended, wondrous, probably eternal sort of life, exploring and learning... that's just damn cool. It's like having a story tell you that it's characters all went to heaven, but instead of being pure magical fantasy, PDH came up with a reasonably scientific idea for how and why it all worked out, and it was such a simple thing to pull off in the end. That's just.... really awesome.

And "puppet" Aoi was pretty darn cute too. :dead:
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Re: I liked pastel

Post by hanifkhan »

I mean, Heliotrope was a superhero, right?) got to live such an open-ended, wondrous, probably eternal sort of life, exploring and learning... that's just damn cool.