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smaller screen

Post by hnoor »

nyway, I just wanted to know if anyone else here has tried to view the UniJel forum through a hand-held device yet? (through something like an iPhone or tablet or such)

If so, do you know of any way to adjust the settings, so that it fits well within the device's limitations (smaller screen, memory size, etc.)?

I'm currently logged in through my DSi, using the Opera-based browser. Apart from the need to scroll around to see the whole page - which can be worked around - the main issues I'm having are:
>> Not being able to format my text as easily (if I want to use italics or smilies, I have to hard-code them in)
>> The graphic-intensive nature of the forum tends to overload the memory banks, and occasionally I'll get a message saying "Running out of memory" while I'm waiting for the front page to load. I'm guessing there might be a way of viewing a "lo-fi" version of the forum, but how?
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Re: smaller screen

Post by szczurolapka »

almost everyone have smartfons or tablets. I don't think this change is worth spending time on it