Even more writing questions!

Postby Mitsukara » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:51 am

Okay, so here I am being my good old neurotic self again, asking this same old stuff again. However, this time I'll be short-winded! Well, okay, no I won't, but I'll use bullet points so it's easier to skim if you feel like it. :dead:

I've basically boiled my fears about my planned webcomic to a few specific assets, beyond the very painfully obvious initial problem of getting started, working out the tools I'm working with, getting my scanner fixed/replaced, etc. So here's what I'm worried about, in regards to the story I have planned, both in terms of how it may mess up the story and in terms of upsetting any cool people that actually may potentially like it at first, but then say "what the hell was that??" and run in terror.

I've asked advice a million times, and on these same subjects even, but something about my lingering self-doubts makes me keep wanting to reword/reiterate/update the questions, neurotically. That's an issue unto itself I could probably use advice on!

These problems are:

<> Wish fulfillment. Suppose that things happen in the story that are just too idealistic. Be it utopias, afterlifes, or magic nice aliens that fix everything, or whatever it may be. These things can work in a story, but what is required to make it not a... "cop out", as it were? How do you make it legitimately work with the drama? I don't want it to be dumb and hollow; like everything that ultimately matters in the story is something I wanted and it somehow invalidates the thing, or somesuch.

<> Sexual occurrences. If it's directly linked to character or relationship growth, and there's a "cut" and "uncut" version for the reader to choose from, is it acceptable?

<> Extreme, well, "deviancy", especially about relationships. I'm not really worried about this, and I have several separate ideas that I hope will counterbalance to make a nice kind of equal representation, but... if you have elements of things like inter-species (as in very physically different beings) relationships, polyamory, age differences in relationships (and underage issues therein), having a bunch of unusually mixed elements in one place like transsexuality and hermaphroditism and gender expression, and furryism- taken to serious, not superfluous, extents-, and the good ol' scifi staple of human-esque AIs/androids, and just weird stuff that people tend to get antsy and have opinions about, all mixed together. Crossing the streams on things that don't usually go together, basically, without explaining what I mean any better than that, and most of it strays from the trail of "normal". I know darn well there'll be people that don't like it, etc., but what I'm scared of is:
(A) offending the minorities that I may be representing in the way I try to do things;
(B) raising red flags with the wrong people. Namely, like if main characters had an underage romance issue (just for reference I'd avoid the sex thing mentioned above on that, certainly), I'm a bit scared of some kind of legal trouble (?);
(C) getting a somehow dangerous, or particularly irritating, bad sort of reputation/following. So many people grouping together that dislike it that they cause trouble for me, or that it gives me a bad image somehow. I don't care so much that they don't like my work insomuch as I'm worried about being buggered in too troublesome a way, or represented in an especially shitty way (offensive encyclopedia draematica articles, or somesuch), or whatever. My ego doesn't matter, but I'm worried about how to actually handle and respond to something like that if it should eventually happen.

<> Too much variety/looseness/not sticking to one genre all the time continuously. Jarring, terrible occurrences intermixed with passive, actionless character stories intermixed with a moderation of your general sort of movie/show/book action-that-will-probably-turn-out-fine stuff. Comedy and depression. Is that bad?

<> Poor planning. I have some ideas for my story much more specifically ground into my head than others. I have an idea of how I want the story to end, and a very clear idea of how I want it to start, but I have doubts about the ending, and while I have chunks of a middle, I'm not sure of their quality, nor if any of it is fleshy enough to work when I try to put it to paper. I guess that's a pretty common problem though, and an overly generic one at that.

<> Lack of creativity. Another generic one, but considering I can dissect my story and characters very easily into all-too-familiar stuff. What makes something fresh enough to be viable on it's own? I was once given the advice "find any cliches and twist the hell out of them"; that seems pretty good. But when you know something is cliche and really want it to be there for a reason... that can be okay if it's counterbalanced correctly, right? What needs to be avoided?

I'm not waiting to get started until I have this sorted out or anything, but good advice tends to make me feel better, and might spark new ideas that will make the end result better. Or so I figure. If nothing else maybe it could lead to some kind of good conversation, and that'd be good too. But I know I'm being like, jarringly self-conscious, and I'm sorry for that. :dead:
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Re: Even more writing questions!

Postby strange_person » Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:39 am

There's nothing wrong with a cliche in and of itself. Remember, the way it became a cliche in the first place is by being used in stories that people liked.

A utopian ending is only a cop-out if there's insufficient foreshadowing. In the Tryslmaistan Trilogy, for example, the utopian ending in PDH is perfectly acceptable because time travel, alternate universes (including both splays and Ktlikitkaktl), direct brain/machine interfaces, and the associated problems with identity and unexplored powers, were all introduced in UJ.

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Re: Even more writing questions!

Postby Anna » Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:26 pm

Au weia...
You do write a lot, that's good.
But all your questions...
I haven't read it all, my poor english knowledge, you know?

But something did come in my mind...
Do have some kind of a writers block?

It's ok to write some other things around, but I think you should start with your story.
And don't believe, it will be perfect at the first time !
You will change, correct, like a drawing, and in fact, the work is the same, the sketch and the work to get closer, to eliminate, to put things in it...
but don't worry, first you must have a "construct", a text where you can work inside.
Just write.

There's no need to write it in a direct timline, - if it is helpfull, write the end at first.
Take a chapter which is in your mind on paper, ahm, in the computer.
Later you can put it all together, rewrite it, glue it together,

And your questions and doubts will mostly disapear during the writers process.
The story will develope, not by its own even you have the feeling, but let it come out of your mind like a spring.

Here is a freeware software which can help you to develope your story, it is more for screenplays, but for a comic also not bad.
And who says it must be a play?
Celtx is for any OS like Linux, MacOS and Windows

I searched/googled also for a little freeware wich is also helpfull "Quickplot"a text editor who makes container of your textwritings, (windows),
but I couldn't find it any more and the website which had it years ago now contains only software you have to pay for.
So here it is.
Allright 200 times a download and it expires in 14 days.
Link: http://www.yousendit.com/download/www/e ... M1RIRGc9PQ
The original website

And by the way...
A friend of mine writes also a lot and she had published 2 Fantasy books at a big german paperbook publisher.
If the ideas/suggestions are helpfull, then thank her.
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Re: Even more writing questions!

Postby Alfador » Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:02 pm

Mitsukara wrote:<> Extreme, well, "deviancy", especially about relationships.

If you're worried about offending people with this, a good choice is to post it privately and only tell people you trust not to be offended. Alternatively, if there's a group/webspace/mailing list/forum/bladiblahwhatever hosting that is centered around a community of people who share a particular deviance expressed in your work, post it there. Anybody who criticizes it for being "wrong" is then a hypocrite for hanging around said community. (This is why I have three stories that currently are only posted on the private section of a website called "CubCentral". Coming soon* to FurAffinity: Chapter 5**, along with the back chapters!)

*For certain values of "soon."

**Chapter 4 ghostwritten by Alex Reynard.
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