I was almost murder under Stand ur ground Law

Postby Shivers » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:05 pm

A few years ago when I was 21, I was almost murdered under the stand ur ground law. Missouri has the stand ur ground law.

I was stopped by the police for simply walking down the street. I saw the insane fuck who dial 911 sitting in his car. I was searched and frisked, they said they were checking me for weapons but reality was they wanted to arrest me for having weed in my pocket. I did have weed but it was inside my room I didnt need to carry it on me especially since I knew even tho I wasnt black i still might be searched.

One time I was drunk and I was hanging out with someone then they were driving me home and I dived out of the car and started running. I got confused and couldnt find where My house was. I walked into a backyard and felt the window and it was unlocked and I climbed inside the house through a window. I thought I was at my house but it was a different house. A man saw me. He must have been terrified because he didn't move he was just standing there looking at me. I saw him take out his cell phone he must have been calling the police. I quickly left out the window I came in, ran down the street and went inside my house. The cops didnt find me because I was already inside of my house before they got there.
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Re: I was almost murder under Stand ur ground Law

Postby Coda » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:22 am

Uh... I don't mean to be rude or offensive or anything, but you were trespassing and in an altered state of mind. You were committing a crime. If that guy had shot you, he would have been justified -- the fact that you just fell into his house through the window indicates that you were unpredictable. That wouldn't have been murder, because (regardless of what the technicalities of law say) in order for a killing to be murder you have to have vicious intent, and someone defending his property and his family against intruders isn't being vicious. This isn't really a good anecdote to illustrate anything about "stand your ground" laws, because even in a state WITHOUT a "stand your ground" or "castle" law you can legally use lethal force if you have a reasonable fear for your own life.

Shivers, you really need to lay off the alcohol. You could have gotten yourself killed because of your drinking habits. I hope this makes you realize just how self-destructive your behavior is.
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Re: I was almost murder under Stand ur ground Law

Postby Jennifer Diane Reitz » Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:36 am

Shivers - you need help, immediately.

What you describe are foolish actions that will ultimately destroy your life. No person should EVER break and enter into a house in a drunken stupor. That is self-destructive in every single respect.

Yes, you were almost killed. Not murdered - but killed, for being self-destructively foolish. Get help. You need to stop drinking and doing drugs if you at all want to remain alive.

What happened was a warning, from the universe, that it does not have sympathy, nor tolerate a fool. Reality will kill you if you permit it - and running around drunk is like wearing a sign that says 'kill me, cosmos!'

Get help. Get help now.
Jennifer Diane Reitz
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Re: I was almost murder under Stand ur ground Law

Postby Anna » Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:11 pm

A simple question.
Where do you want to spend many years of your life?

Free or in prison?

Entering a house, drunken or not is also a crime in Germany.
Being under drugs can you also take into prison.

The difference between Germany and the USA is the time, the years you have to be arrested.
In my opinion, even loosing one day ist too much, so why risking it?

Obviously you’re getting very easily into such kind of trouble.
You must change it.
The result is the same.

Stop taking drugs, in prison you have to.
Well you can get drugs there too, but with ugly consequences.

I’m not talking about that stuff.
Moral doesn’t matter, moralizing is useless

Fact is, you can’t handle it, drinking alcohol, taking drugs.
It’s out of controll.
Game over, you lost.
Realize it.

Start a new game, be clean.
A matter of freedom or inprisoned.

It’s better to walk free, and not to be commanded by others,

It’s your choice.

Did I mention, that my mother had a big problem with alcohol and that my brother was in prison because of drugs?
So don’t tell me I’m idiot.

Solve your problem, before the worsest things will happened.
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