Hi. I've been away too long.

Postby InterNutter » Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:59 am

Life got away with me and various computers imploded, and with one thing and another...

I forgot to check in here.


I'm officially an author, now. Even if I am self-published. And not paid much. My second book should be out Jan/Feb '14. Part two of a trilogy. And I'm working on finishing up part three on a daily basis.

I have a day job. It helped pay for a better computer[I can see the easter egg in the board header pic :)] and a Dropbox account so my stories should never get evaporated again. Note the qualifier. Should is never is.

But even my backups have backups. I think that's enough.

Oh, and I'm also running a blog in lieu of internutter.org - the links in my sig alternate between the blog (one story a day, every day, so far this year. Yipe) and my Smashwords account where you can get some free literature and maybe buy a few things, too[PLEASE buy something! I need expensive shoes!].

And thanks to Tumblr, I'm learning new stuff. Like - how to check Snopes and the news feeds before sharing information I find. Or how much awesome and wonderful shit is out there. And, to a degree, how I could never compete unless I keep on trying. Hence, the story a day. Hence, the novel writing.

Alas, I also have rheumatism in my wrists(!) so in order to keep my day job, I have to limit the novel-writing to five hundred words a day or suffer the painful consequences. I did try a thousand a day, but it HURT. I am insanely jealous of Jennifer doing a chapter a day. Goodonyer.

And thanks to two little developments named Mayhem and Chaos, I now have a battle-field view of ASD. Be warned, I may jargon.

Finally, given that one has to consistently do the same thing wonderful for ten years before they get Noticed... I have eight more years of self-publishing before it starts to pay off in any significant way.

....and lately I've become obsessed with a steampunk robot band from San Diego...
The sig is a lie
The sig is a lie
The sig is a lie
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Re: Hi. I've been away too long.

Postby RaharuAharu » Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:34 am

I am glad that you are well internutter.
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