Time Adventure

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Time Adventure

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In the desert, you get sunny days even in the winter. I can feel the warmth rolling down over my back, my face bathed in liquid sunlight. I can hear birds peeping and flitting about in the leaves.

And I can remember high school, sitting in my room desperately avoiding the New England sauna of summer. At a computer, a hand me down from some relation or other. Reading along and chatting on the UJ forums.

I have communities that I run with now, colleagues in my field, loved ones and friends. My life is richer and longer than I ever expected it to be, statistically I have done quite well for myself in the survival department.

But I miss this place, and I think of it often. I think of the childlike playfulness with which we shared the building blocks of cosmos. The perpetual kindness, the goofy banter, the vicious bile we shared at the world's cruelties. Our language of science fantasy, of optimistic futurism, of empathetic transhumanism, of vast and beautiful places.

I hope you are all doing well, whether lingering, lost, or far away.

And the place we made together is never far away, a soft patch of pastel memory that we shared together. Always.
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Re: Time Adventure

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You are not alone. *('')*
Hello! *~( ! !)>
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